Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Take away his keys and license

The husband of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pleaded guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor driving under the influence charges related to a May crash in California's wine country and was sentenced to five days in jail and three years of probation.
Paul Pelosi already served two days in jail and received conduct credit for two other days, Napa County Superior Court Judge Joseph Solga said. Paul Pelosi will work eight hours in the court's work program in lieu of the remaining day, Solga said during Paul Pelosi's sentencing, which he did not attend.

So he drove drunk and he had a wreck.  And that's it?

He's 82 years old, he got drunk, got behind the wheel and had a wreck.  That's your warning sign.  He's 82, take his license away.  He is not a kid and he should know better.  The fact that he didn't and doesn't argues you to remove him from driving. He's 82, take the keys away.

He and Moneybags Nancy can certainly afford to hire a driving service.  

Take the keys away and make him surrender his driver's license. 

On gun control, Nancy insists:

Upon taking office, every Member of Congress makes a solemn pledge: to protect and defend the American people. This is the most important oath we take as elected officials – and to honor this promise, we must do everything in our power to keep our children and our communities safe from the threat of gun violence.
Yet when it comes to car violence caused by her drunken husband, she's not so concerned about protecting and defending the American people or keeping our communities safe from her alcoholic husband.

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