Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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Earlier this month, VARIETY reported that DISNEY+ was claiming 125 million subscribers.  Hmm.  Had to wonder if they include me on it?  We got it because it was DISNEY and we're parents.  But the MARVEL shows starring females are insulting -- as Ava and C.I. have long noted here.  Stan's also noted it at his site.  Equally true, the offerings are pathetic.  THE SIMPSONS?  Don't I already have that by subscribing to FX?  (I do.)  I kept waiting for the stuff that they used to show on DISNEY on ABC when I was a kid.  Never saw that or the films my dad loved -- basically all the Kurt Russell films.  Kept waiting.  Kept being disappointed.

So am I one of the 125?

I lost the card I subscribed on.  I use that card for all of our streaming -- YOUTUBE TV, NETFLIX, APPLE+, etc.  And I used it for DISNEY+.  When I got my new card, I updated everything. 

Well almost.  I spoke with Dona and we didn't see the point in keeping DISNEY+ because we really don't like their programming.  So I didn't update my credit card information and, in the next billing cycle, we were dropped.

From streaming, we were dropped.  But, though this took place back in April, DISNEY+ keeps e-mailing me as though I am a subscriber. 

In May, they sent me three e-mails, all with the same subject line "Please update your payment information."  They sent five in the month of June, all with that same heading.  In July, they only sent three (on July 21st, July 23rd and July 29th) with the same heading.  The first day of August, they sent me another "Please update your payment information" e-mail and then, on August 8th, they sent me one with a heading of "Your subscription will soon be cancelled."

It hasn't been already?

We stopped watching the week we decided not to update our payment info.  

Again, that was in April.  

By May, they knew that.  By June, they knew that.  By July, they really should have known it.

But, at least as of August 8th, I was still considered a subscriber.

That's why I wonder when they claim to have 125 million subscribers.
August 20th, "Your subscription will soon be canceled" arrived in my inbox:
We haven't paid since April, we haven't streamed since then, but they continue to count us as one of their subscribers.  No one should take their claim of 125 million subscribers seriously.

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