Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The corruption runs deep in the Biden family


Hunter Biden?

So many want to cover for him. Not just Joe Biden loyalists but many others. People,s adly, like Mickey Z who dismisses a corruption to rival The Teapot Dome Scandal as "gossip" and whines tht people aren't paying attention to whatever just caught his fancy.

As the e-mails -- now verified -- make clear, Joe knew. Joe knew his name was being used by Hunter to bring millions into the family coffers. Joe knew and Joe took part in it by granting face time repeatedly.

Joe knew. This is huge corruption. As a US senator and as a Vice President, Joe allowed his name and his office to be used to enrich his family (and himself) and this was not at all ethical. And he lied about it when it was initially revealed. Now we have proof of not one unethical deal, not two, but dozens.

This is not a minor issue.

This is a breach of the public trust and a huge ethical violation.

If you think it's just ''gossip,'' then don't whin when the next corruption scandal comes along and you don't think it's getting enough attention.


Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS  "Hunter On The Table.

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