Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Reality poops on Amber Heard

Isaiah's been covering the Amber Heard implosion in his comics.

three dogs

amber responds



She blames the poop on the dogs. She probably blames her farts on them as well

It's been interesting to watch her trying to look classy in court when all anyone can really think is: She slept in poop.

We get that, right?

Whether it was her own or the dogs, she didn't clean it, she slept in it.

She's a miserable mess.

The audio of the threats she made to Johnny Depp? That's all you have evidence. And it's her bragging about hurting him and telling him no one would believe him.

Telling him no one would believe him.

Just zoom in on that. Reverse the genders and you'd immediately realize what an abuser she is. That's what those who carry out domestic assault often tell their victims.

Amber is greedy and she's been exposed as a liar.

We stick up for the victims of domestic assault so we'll never defend or praise Amber Heard.



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