Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Subway is still the worst

Subway has been 'refershing' the menu. They're bothered that sales went from flat to down and were convinced that the problem was the ingredients. So they added new ingredients and, guess what, it didn't help at all.

We DoorDashed Subway on Sunday and regretted it the second the food arrived. Fourteen sandwiches, you'd think they'd get one right?

Artisan flatbread? As Jess and Ava's daughter asked, "Is this a Gordito?" It certainly did seem like something off the Taco Bell menu. And melted 'cheese' in that is just not melted cheese -- have one, you'll see what we mean. It's also the most fattening bread choice that Subway currently offers.

Our biggest beef? Every sandwich as made with Toasted Artisan Flatbread. Why is that a problem? Not one of us ordered that hideous bread or 'bread.' Mike and Elaine's daughter wanted a vegetarian sandwich as did Jess. Shouldn't be too hard to mess that up, right? wrong. Not only did they get the bread wrong but one vegetarian sandwich contained bacon while the other had ham.

The problem with Subway was never the published menu. The problem was always the store's refusal to follow it. Back in 2019, Marcia noted her fury when Subway refused to serve the honey oat bread on the menu.


It's something common. The pandemic has only made it worse. There was one day Ty went to three Subways trying to get a sub on wheat bread. Each store was out. He'd wait until they made a new loaf. They weren't planning to make any new loaves. At five o'clock, they were done making bread for the day? Seems like Subway's most offensive ingredient has always been its employees -- and that's hard to say when you're pro-worker. But maybe the answer wasn't a bunch of new ingredients and celebrities promoting their sandwiches, maybe the answer was better wages, letting the employees take some pride in the stores and in their work.

Apparently, that's the one thing Subway's not willing to invest in.







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