Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Editorial: Of course, they hate Julian

Assange Defense Tweets:

Julian Assange revealed the truth about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. #JournalismMatters #FreePress


 Of coruse.  

That's the way it works.  Sell the war, whore for the war, prolong the war and you will be employed.  Doesn't matter that you were wrong or that you lied.  

And it's not just the corporate media that will employ you.  MOTHER JONES looked high and low to hire a blogger, after all.  And who did they go with?  Someone who got it right about Iraq?  No, they went with war whore Kevin Drum.

That's how it works.  Tell the truth and be punished.

KNIGHT-RIDDER NEWSPAPERS were the only only US newspapers who tried to determine the truth about the claims for war on Iraq.  And their reward?  They are no more.  

But all the whorish outlets that lied are still around.

There's a special hatred at the top in the US for those who refused to lie and whore.  That hatred it especially aimed at Julian Assange.  If you were against the Iraq War, grasp that the US government would be focusing on you if they didn't have Julian in their cross-hairs currently.









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