Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Ty's Corner


"Things are not as they seem," Ava and C.I. note this edition
and I agree with them. Great piece. But something came up after they wrote their piece on Sunday and I didn't want them to have to rewrite so I said I'd grab DaBaby in a Ty's Corner. Marcia wrote about the homophobic idiot at the start of the week with "DaIdiot is DaBaby,"

Is there anyone he didn't insult as he went from his statements to his 'apology.' And now, as BUZZFEED noted, it's gotten even worse.

Morgan Wallen? Compare what was done to him with the no-fall-out that DaBaby is experiencing.

Morgan used the n-word in saying goodbye for the evening to one of his friends -- one of his White friends. Sounds to me like a White guy striving to be what he thought was cool.

DaBaby made hateful remarks about gay people, hateful remarks about people with AIDS and ignorant remarks about people with AIDS. He then double down when his remarks were reported and now he's offered an 'apology' where he tells people he insulted that they must have misunderstood him.

When does INTERSCOPE plan to put him on suspension? When do The Grammys plan to announce that none of his work can be considered for an award?

Morgan Wallen? I never heard of him, sorry. I knew some guy in country music had used the n-word, that's all I knew until I read Ava and C.I.'s article. Reading their report, I was shocked -- and still am -- by how much was made of this private conversation between two friends.

I am further shocked by how DaaBaby can get on stage and pour hate over the gay community and no one gives a damn. There is no talk that radio is pulling his songs, there's nothing.

No real fall out.

It's outrageous. And it goes to how homophobia is not just still tolerated, it's actively encouraged.








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