Monday, February 22, 2021

Dear YouTube, kindly f**k off

Repost of Marcia:

Dear YouTube, kindly f**k off

I'm a person who is dumb enough to pay for YouTube.  I don't mean YouTubeTV -- but I do pay for that.  I mean the basic video that's free to all.  I pay for it to avoid commercials.  Yes, I am that lazy.

And most of the time, I'm happy.

Not today.  I was at lunch and watching some vintage videos from my childhood (SOS Band, for example).  My friend Taylor is streaming Robin Thicke videos on her phone (his new album comes out tomorrow and she'd slap me if I didn't note that).  She doesn't pay for YouTube, she just uses the free service.

She yells, ''Huh!"  And as I look over, I yell, "F**k!"

Because what had her yelling just happened to me.

I am not streaming news, she was not streaming news.  We are on lunch enjoying our food and our music and we get taken, by YouTube, to the impeachment.

I'm not watching that garbage.

I get it, YouTube, I do.  C.I. pointed out Tuesday in Hilda's Mix that the news industry is desperate to make this a huge story and get us all enthralled.  Why?  Because their ratings are down now that Trump is gone.  They killed their golden goose and now they're trying to put the dead and decapitated bird back on the table.

I'm not interested.

I don't care about Trump.  He's no longer president, he no longer matters.

Where's the $2,000 checks?  Where's a Green New Deal?  Where's Medicare For All?

Those are the things I care about.  

And never, ever interrupt my music to take me to some live Congressional hearing.  Never.

So, YouTube, kindly f**k off.



Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

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