Thursday, January 28, 2021

DoorDash's latest rip off

Food delivery service DoorDash always finds a way to make money -- even when it has to rip you off.  This week, KTNV reports on new fees DoorDash is impsoing, "Turns out, the fees were happening in cities where local governments placed limits on how much delivery platforms can charge restaurants. To try to recoup those losses, DoorDash added new customer fees in those cities, which include Las Vegas, Chicago, Denver and Seattle." CNN explains that, without the municipal limits, "Those platforms can charge commission fees as high as 30% per order, which can leave restaurants in the red."


In addition to charging extra fees, DoorDash has a new trick that news organizations aren't noting but our readers are.  Check out, for example, Taco Bell on DoorDash. Then pull up the same Taco Bell on Waitr and you'll note that DoorDash is charging 20 cents more on each item than Waitr.  If you don't have a Waitr in your area that delivers Taco Bell, just pay attention to Taco Bell's dollar menu and note that all items on the dollar menu now cost $1.00 and twenty cents on DoorDash.

They'll rip you off every chance they get.



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