Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Editorial: The fakers pretend badly

Donald Trump pardoned Blackwater mercenaries.  And it's all the faux left can talk about.  They pretend it's the most pressing story in the world and that it's about Iraq.  But it's not the most pressing, not even in Iraq where it was part of a 24-hour news cycle and is now not even in the news.

That didn't stop losers like Gerry Condon from puffing their chests and writing rah-rah -- this is bad, this is bad for US troops!  Uh, Gerry, the four are former US troops, didn't you know that you dumb ass?  And, uh, Gerry, US troop behavior in Iraq was never going to win medals to begin with.  Are you really unaware of all the War Crimes and atrocities?

The Blackwater mercs served a little time.  That's more than most of the people who carried out War Crimes did.  And none of the ones responsible, the ones actually in charge, served any time at all.

Iraq's got real issues.  If you want to go to town on Donald Trump -- if you're life is that pathetic -- have at it.  But don't pretend you're doing it on behalf of the Iraqi people.

You haven't said a word about the protesters.  You haven't said a word about NRT -- that's the TV station the Iraqi government shut down.  You haven't said a word about the fears of violence on January 3rd.

You haven't said a word about anything.

Donald Trump is on his way out of the White House.  What will you pathetics do when you no longer get to rage about him?

We know what you won't do: Call for an end to the ongoing war.  You know Courage To Resist -- one of Gerry's outlets -- doesn't even know the Iraq War continues -- or at least they no longer cover it.

We know you won't do anything at all because you honestly never do.

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