Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Dump the trash on the curb

2020 was revealing of a number of politicians.  Our focus is the whores who were revealed.  Here's a list of 4 figures that real leftists should be walking away from.


1) Ana Kasparian


2) Sam Seder


3) Cenk Uygur


4)  Nomiki Konst



Community wide, all four have long been called out.  At this site, we've repeatedly called out the top three.  Read Dan Cohen's article and you'll ask yourself, as we do, why is JACOBIN continuing to let Ana host their weekly podcast?   Madeline Albright's gal-pal hosting a podcast for JACOBIN?  Sam Seder's been a joke we have called out for 15 years now.  Cenk is slimy trash and Nomiki sounds like a character out of SHOWGIRLS but is, in reality, far trashier than even that.  

If you are really left, you could "make the world a better place" (Michael Jackson) if you would "just walk on by" (Dionne Warwick) anytime you came across their work/propaganda.

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