Friday, November 13, 2020

Oh, look, ICH is as 'progressive' as CBS in 2008

 If you missed it, INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE has a new commenting policy:


Note - We are testing a new comment system as a requested by many of our ICH community. We would like to provide a space where everyone has an opportunity to share their opinion. The system is open without registration.  Please be respectful of others and refrain from abusive language, racism or threats of any kind. Off-topic comments will be removed. Those who do not abide by these simple rules will be banned from the comment section.

Seem familiar?  It did to reader Marjorie who e-mailed to remind us, "Remember, in 2008, when Ava and C.I. called out CBS NEWS for the same nonsense -- no abusive language, no racism -- but sexism was a-okay?"

Buddy did.  He also e-mailed to ask us if we noticed.

That's the 'progressive' community for you.  It's 2020 and sexism is a-okay and not worth mentioning. 

How very 'advanced' and 'progressive' of INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE.

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