Friday, November 13, 2020

Editorial: Omar Fadhel

So many Iraqis have died in the ongoing year long-plus protest against corruption, the lack of jobs, the lack of public services, etc.  Over 600 have been murdered.

Last week, Omar Fadhel became the latest killed. AP reported, "Iraqi security forces opened fire during clashes with hundreds of protesters in the southern city of Basra on Friday, killing one demonstrator and wounding several others as tensions flared once again, hospital officials said."  ALJAZEERA identified Omar Fadhel as the man shot dead while protesting.  


They do have the right to protest in Iraq.  It's in their constitution, in fact.  But having the right and exercising the right appear to be two different things.


Zeidon Alkinani Tweets:

Southern Iraq’s Basra protests are still active and loud. Influenced by the assassination of its prominent activist, Omar Fadhel. #عمر_فاضل #البصرة

Amnesty International's Donatella Rovera Tweeted:

Omar Fadhel was killed today in demonstrations in #Basra in southern #Iraq. RIP. He is the latest of 600+ demonstrators killed in #iraqprotests in the past year with absolute impunity. PM ’s promises of accountability & justice have not materialised so far #البصرة

He was buried on Saturday.  Azhar al-Rubaie Tweeted Saturday:

The funeral of the Martyr Omar Fadhel in Basra protest's Square, he was killed by security forces yesterday.





 Omar died fighting for a better world.  His life wasn't in vain.  His sacrifice wasn't in vain.  It's a shame that outside of AP, US media ignored his murder.




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