Wednesday, August 05, 2020

HULU's redesign

Last month, many people loved HULU.  What a difference a 'redesign' makes.  From the HULU community page, here are 11 comments we chose at random.  Please note, this is an official page of HULU's and for days and days, subscribers have been complaining and yet no one from HULU has bothered to step in and make things right or even make a comment.

New format is awful. Looks like a direct copy of Amazon FireTV format. I liked the what's on now section of the home screen that gave you episode information and kind of kept track of what you like. Now all you can do is click on the little watch live picture without knowing what episode you're actually going to watch. Too many extra clicks and not enough information.

I agree completely...I like to look at My Channels. It lists the network channels in easy to read format. The new way is very time consuming and then has everything in micro print. Bring back the old version. It's already a hassel to keep Hulu on my TV with all the times it disconnects service.

If you think we are going to have to get "used to using this stupid format" you are completely wrong. There are a lot of other streaming options out there. If you don't change this back or at the very least put "My Channels" back I am leaving and so will a lot of other people. Dreadful mistake Hulu!

I hate the new format. Takes much longer to find what you're looking for; there was no need for a change.  

You removed MY channels from the home page. It is a mess trying to find what I want to watch. Please bring back the home channels!

Live TV is why I have Hulu and you made it almost impossible to find. Bring “my channels” back or I’m out 

Overall I disliked a whole new format. Most of all I agree bring back my channels to the homepage! What you think is some great new improvement has made it harder for me personally to find what I’m looking for. Glad to know I’m not the only one

The new format is horrible , taking away my channels is the worst thing to do. Can't find anything anymore. Too many useless categories that I'm not even interested in. For the amount of money spent I should be able to find what I want to watch, now I can't half the time. So, it's time to look for a place to watch TV that I can easily navigate. 

Nshvgschick (Customer)

5 days ago

I’m part of the Hulu feedback group and they recently sent out a survey asking about the format and how important it would be to

you to be able to customize the home page. I responded that it would be very important to me and that I was very frustrated with having to scroll Past 10-12 tabs to get to the My Channels tab. Now we know how much they value the opinions of their customers. 

Please! My Channels should be one of the first options when we sign in. It is the easiest way to see what is broadcasting live on the channels we have selected and favorited. Please bring it back! And please do not bury it to make it hard to access easily. If I wanted to only watch recorded content, I would not pay for Hulu TV and just downgrade to your cheaper product. Please stop making it so frustrating!

I also used my channels every day. I am so disappointed! I will be trialing Youtube TV to See if i can get the simplified menu option i had with Hulu My Channels.

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