Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Elementary, dear Aaron, elementary


This week, Aaron Mate Tweeted

DNC paid for Steele dossier. Steele was in UK & (falsely) claimed to have sources in Russia. That sounds like foreign assistance in an election. Why the DNC continues to harp on an issue they’re massive hypocrites on & that no one except media pundits care about is beyond me.

Oh, Aaron, the why is obvious.  Who's pimped the Russia nonsense harder than even MSNBC?


That's right, Hillary Clinton and her cult.  And why?  Because they know history is going to rip her apart.  Before Donald Trump was elected president, it was feared he would be an awful president.  Now that he's held office, the world knows that fear was valid.


Hillary lost to Donald.

Hillary Clinton, a woman who was a US senator and Secretary of State, lost to Donald I Have Never Held Elected Office Trump.  

History is going to rip that woman apart.

How does an experienced politician lose to a reality TV show host?

History is going to rip her apart.

And all they have, Hillary and her cult, to fight back with is lies.  So they desperately try to keep the lie about Russia alive in the hopes that there will be at least one alternate theory that it wasn't all Hillary's fault.

But . . . it was all her fault.


Illustrations are Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Hogwarts" and  "Another Fine Mess."

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