Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Truest statement of the week

Nicaragua's case is a text-book example of how genuine human rights research has been subverted so as to produce highly biased reports.
“The human rights industry markets itself dishonestly, but very powerfully, as if it were driven by humanitarian concern rather than ideological bias.”
Ever since January 2007, the Western human rights industry has attacked Nicaragua's Sandinista government for being undemocratic and repressive. For over a decade, Nicaragua's social and economic development and successive democratic elections repeatedly contradicted that mendacious narrative. Frustrated by Nicaragua's embarrassing example of undeniable, sovereign, socialist inspired social and economic progress, the US authorities, over several years, prepared, organized and finally openly supported the violent coup attempt  of April 2018.

During that coup attempt and ever since it failed, the North American and European human rights industry has falsely accused  the Nicaraguan authorities of having brutally repressed peaceful opposition protests with disproportionate lethal violence. In doing so, reports by human rights organizations have systematically ignored numerous very serious crimes  and even massacres  by Nicaragua's US supported right wing opposition and their allies. Between April 18th and July 17th 2018, 23 police officers were killed by opposition activists and 400 officers suffered gunshot wounds inflicted by opposition gunmen. Reports by Western human rights organizations have concealed that deliberate lethal opposition violence by systematically suppressing conventional witness testimony, documentary evidence and audiovisual material.

-- Stephen Selfton, "Nicaragua – How Phony Human Rights Groups Slandered a U.S.-Targeted Nation " (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

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