Wednesday, July 08, 2020

I'm sick of NPR's sexism

Ava and C.I. argued this post by Kat needed to be reposted in full.

I'm sick of NPR's sexism

NPR's WORLD CAFE offered live recordings today.  They explained:

So today, World Cafe is bringing live music to you with an imaginary music festival of all live tracks. And since it's imaginary, it means we were able to "book" anyone we wanted — RUSH, Aretha Franklin, Wilco and Jackson Browne, all on the same huge lineup. 

Cute that they mentioned Aretha.  She has two songs -- "Wholy Holy" and "Love The One You're With."  They aren't recorded by NPR or for NPR.  None of the songs are.  These are live songs that they've grabbed from recordings by others.  Joni Mitchell shows up with "Woodstock."

Are you impressed?

Then you're a stupid idiot.

Those are three songs where women sing lead.

NPR's pretend concert features 46 songs.  And only three have women as the lead artist.

43 songs are by men, 3 are by women.

Do you not get how sexist this is?

I am so damn tired of the rank sexism at NPR and I'm so damn tired of people looking the other way when they should be calling it out.

Be sure to check out Elaine's "5 great tracks from Roberta Flack" and "5 groovy tracks from Cher" as well as Rebecca's "what was barbra streisand thinking?" which she's thinking about making a regular feature (I hope she does).

Closing with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

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