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Thoughts on Tara Reade, feminism, truth and whoring

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Thoughts on Tara Reade, feminism, truth and whoring

My kitchen is gleaming.  I've spent about two hours cleaning it.  I don't usually clean it, when I'm doing the cleaning myself, I'm sorting things out in my head.  

It's time for a Tara Reade post.

There's a lot that needs to be said, a lot that's not been said.

Tara Reade has credibly accused Joe Biden of assault.

Her claim has not been overturned or weakened.

When you can't address the claim, you attack the accuser.  

That's all the Michael Traceys and other scum of the earth did: Attack Tara.

They attacked and a bunch of cowards went silent.  Krystal Ball, Rich McHugh and many others.  

That needs to be noted.  

We need to know that when we step forward, we're on our own.  

We also need to grasp that whores like Alyssa Milano are not anyone's friends.

"I hear you" -- is that what the whore Tweeted?

When did she ever call off the attacks on Tara?  Not in April.  Not in May.  Not in June.

One rape is okay.

That's what Alyssa and her kindred believe.  

One rape is okay.

So remember that, guys, you get one free rape.

When the Alyssa Milanos are in charge, you get one free rape.

Alyssa's a failed, aging actress who tried to pimp her supporting role in a bad NETFLIX show -- that her CAA agent husband called in favors to get for her -- into a starring role and repeatedly the press lied for and pretended she was the star -- of a show about a high school teenager.

That was laughable.  So is Alyssa.  

She wants to be in Congress -- as if that would somehow give her life meaning.  As though what the United States needs is an idiot who received her 'education' from an on-set tutor.  Let's send the struggling fool to Congress!

Well, she'd fit in with many but that's part of the problem -- the lack of intelligence in our Congress.

Alyssa sees herself as a player in the Democratic Party.  Like many others, she's a fool to think so.

Even if she ever became a player in the Democratic Party, she should be more concerned about being a participant in life.

Tara may feel alone right now, but she's not alone.  And more people will be at her side as the years go by.

The horrible thing that was done to her for coming forward is outrageous and it will not disappear as the years go by.  But it will outrage many -- women and men -- and she'll find the support that she really didn't have this year.

Juanita Broaddrick is an example of how the issue doesn't go away and support builds (Juanita revealed in the late 90s that Bill Clinton had raped her when he was governor of Arkansas), Anita Hill is another example (Clarence Thomas harassed her).  

This is not new, this is not novel.  This is how it works, this is the pattern.  Now maybe if Alyssa Milano had bothered to get an education, she'd be aware of this reality.  But maybe she just doesn't care about being on the right side historically.

If so, she's far from alone.

She's the least of the problems.

She's ot a feminist, she's never been one.

Feminism goes beyond abortion rights.  It certainly isn't about whining that actresses are paid less than actors.  It's really hard, and they never understand this, to grasp that Americans aren't ready to take to the streets because you only got paid one million dollars for your film but some actor got ten million.  The only one who's ever grasped that reality is Goldie Hawn. 

So it's no surprise that Goldie actually made a difference in her career -- producing films that addressed women and working with woman and hiring women.  (I just checked, big surprise, this is not noted on CRAPAPEDIA.  We can do an entry on this alone if it needs to be said -- if you're not aware of Goldie and Anthea Sylbert developing films like MY BLUE HEAVEN and SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT -- not just the films Goldie herself starred in.)

Years later, Alyssa helps oust the woman who created CHARMED and ousts Shannen Doherty from the show.  She's then a 'producer' of the show.  In that role, she creates no roles for people of color.  Despite the fact that the show is filmed in the '00s and set in San Francisco, there are no gay men or lesbians.

What did 'producer' Alyssa do?  Scream and yell about make up and lighting.  Scream and yell that her character needed to be front and center.  

That's how some people use power.  It's no surprise that she has no power today or that her lack of power is no real loss.

Others should lose power as well.

Gloria Steinem.  How many women has she disappointed?

Sondra Locke, Phyllis Chesler, Shirley Chisholm, Kathie Sarachild . . .

Gloria made herself leader of the feminist movement -- in the press -- by ousting Betty Friedan by utilizing ageism.  Betty was 51-years-old.  Gloria then refused to elevate young feminists and, at 86, continues to present herself as the leader of feminism.

She's no leader.

In 1972, she tried to call out the Democratic Party at the convention in Florida.  Six years later, she was telling women, at another Democratic Party convention, that they couldn't make demands on nominee Jimmy Carter.

That's been her position ever since.  She's weak and encourages weakness.

In 1980, Phyliss Chesler was raped by Davidson Nicol.  Gloria needs to answer as to why she (and Robin Morgan) covered up the rape.  

She needs to answer as to why she went back on her word that she would stand by Phyllis.  She did the same thing with Sondra Locke -- promising support, promising the world and then, at the behest of Steve Ross, hopping on board with the WARNER BROTHERS CORPORATION and siding against Sondra, acting as though she didn't exist.

Gloria has no spine.  That's the nice view of Gloria.  The not-so-nice view?  She's deliberately set out to weaken feminism.

I go with she's too weak.  Real feminists made changes in the 60s and 70s by making demands and taking action.  Gloria was really not part of any of that.  She wasn't arm-in-arm with Ellen Willis or any of the real activists.  

It's no surprise that Gloria didn't speak out in April of last year when multiple women came out describing how Joe Biden harassed them.  Instead, Gloria offer Joe a pass.  That's what Gloria does.  She did it in 1998 with Bill Clinton in the infamous NEW YORK TIMES column that she truly needs to apologize for.

That's all she ever does, cover up for men in power.

Gloria is not a leader.  Her legacy is one of weakness and one shameful moment after another.

Feminism has survived Gloria.  It's survived centrists like Alyssa Milano as well.

It survives stupidity.  Stupidity would include women -- some of whom identify as feminists -- saying that Joe Biden's female running mate will not or should not have to answer for Joe's actions.

Of course, she does.

You're a lying hack if you say otherwise.

That's what every running mate has to do: Answer for the actions of the person at the top of the ticket.

Joe Biden has been credibly accused of rape by Tara Reade.

In addition, he's been accused of harassment by multiple women. 

Any woman who gets on his ticket does so knowing of these accusations.  Yes, she will have to comment.  Yes, she will be held accountable.

And she should be.

She's choosing to run with Joe.  

That's what it means to be a running mate.

"Oh, the little girl he picks is just too little and small to defend Joe!'  Is that what the liars and idiots are saying?

She will be the running mate.  She will have to answers questions -- about Hunter Biden's enriching himself, about the women Joe harassed, about the Iraq War Joe voted for, about the 2010 Iraq election results that Joe overturned, about how ignoring the 2010 voters and gifting Nouri al-Maliki with a second term led to the rise of ISIS.

A mutual friend called me to correct me on something.  I'll include this in Iraq snapshot when the topic of 2010 next comes up.  He worked in the administration and he notes that I love to point out that in 2012, the day after the election, Barack refused to take Nouri al-Maliki's phone call and fobbed it off on Joe.  

That did happen and we covered it in real time and have noted it repeatedly since.

What the mutual friend insists I'm missing is that this wasn't just that Barack didn't want to talk to the thug.  This was also about Barack's anger at Joe for supporting the thug and insisting that Joe take the call because it was his (Joe's) mistake.  

I didn't realize that.  Again, I will update in the next snapshot that covers the 2010 election.  

Joe thinks picking a female running mate gives him a pass on his harassment.  It doesn't. 

A recent 'discussion' on the allegations against Joe -- harassment and rape -- found one woman noting, "He has touched people. He has acknowledged it. There could have been very severe consequences for him" if he had been a male student on campus.  Another woman aded, "That's not going to cut it on campus, you know, him saying, 'You need to believe me'."

A lot of people are bending over backwards to pretend the rules don't apply to Joe.

There will be a backlash over that. 

The thing that should have happened is feminist leaders should have pressed the DNC to pick another nominee.  That's what should have happened.

Instead, we got posers who insisted 'I believe Tara but I'm voting for Joe.'

Fine.  You're voting for rape.

Let's not sugar coat it or pretend.  That's what you're doing.  You're selling out feminism, you're selling out women, you're selling out survivors.

That's who you want to be, you be that but own it.  Don't pretend you're helping anyone but yourself.

Half the things people whine about regarding Donald Trump (''whine'' used intentionally, it's not as though they take real measures to stop him) were done by Barack and Joe.  And you were okay with it because Barack was smooth and a superstar.  Donald's uncouth and so you whine and scream about deportations.  You said nothing during Barack's two terms.

You said nothing about anything.  You looked the other way and were happy to do so.  You'll do the same thing if Joe gets into the White House.


Because you're a craven whore who doesn't want to work for a better world.  

You need Donald to be replaced so you can go back to focusing on money, yourself and enriching yourself.

You don't care that US troops are still in Iraq.  You don't care what's taking place in Libya.  You don't care about anything.

You just don't want to be disturbed in your pursuit of money and frivolity.

Joe Biden is a lousy candidate.

If he loses -- and he could -- it's on you.  Not anyone else.  It's not on third party voters or on voters who don't feel they have a real choice to vote for.  It's on you.

You're a cheap whore who'd rather pretend that an incompetent man who is a dottering fool and is accused of assault and harassment makes for a strong presidential candidate.

That's on you.  No one else.

And when history looks back, you can lie all you want but a number of us knew in real time the importance of speaking out.  You have no excuse for your whoring.  You chose to whore and that's on you.

Last week, as we spoke to more and more groups of young people, I heard over and over not just disappointment in Joe Biden but also disappointment in various voices who have refused to hold him accountable and have instead whored.

You're destroying yourselves.  You're certainly destroying your soul but you're also destroying your image and legacy.

That's on you.

There was so much that I wanted to cover and I'm having to stop here.  I've got double vision and really can't read the screen.  We've covered some of the important points.  Not all.  But it is what it is.

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