Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Mail bag


Ronald e-mails asking, "Am I the first to tell you that the Batwoman cover in last week's mailbag is too large?"

You were the first. We count 142 who e-mailed after you did that also pointed it out. We've fixed it. Thank you to everyone who caught that.

Lloyd D e-mails that no TESR Test Kitchen has ever noted bottled water and wonders why that is? Due to the environment, we try to limit our footprint as much as possible. Most of us drink tap or filtered water and we reuse a metal container -- like the one Matt Damon promoted. Now Ty and C.I. are diabetic. If they need water -- or more water than they planned -- the will buy a bottle of water. They'll buy whatever is available at that moment. Ty notes that given a choice, he prefers Dasani.

Mike Mayo e-mails to say he enjoyed the 100 scariest movies last edition

"and I was especially thrilled that you included three classics that were TV movies. If I could, I would add three more. THE INITIATION OF SARAH is so scary and has a wicked performance by Morgan Fairchild. LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENED TO ROSEMARY'S BABY which stars Patty Duke as Rosemary and she's much more convincing than Farrow was. And Donna Mills is out right evil in the movie. This is a great one. Lastly, WHEN MICHAEL CALLS starring Elizabeth Ashley and Michael Douglas."

Sounds great and we are compiling a list of your choices for scary films and we've put your three on it. Time permitting, it will run this edition.

Walter also e-mails about the 100 scariest movie list: "Who do you think you are? What makes you an expert? I don't agree with anything on your list!"

Walter, as Kat has noted at her site, lists like these are all personal opinion and the fun is in looking to see if you agree or disagree. You disagreed. That's fine. If you had disagreed and offered even one horror movie you liked, we'd be including it on the list.

Becky wonders why are we late so often? And if it has anything to do with C.I.'s health?

In answer to the second one, no. Ava and C.I. finished their TV piece at 10:00 am Sunday morning. We didn't publish on Sunday. It had nothing to do with C.I.'s health. Why are we so late? Some days, it's just hard. Hard to focus, hard to whatever. You'd think it would get easier as time went by; however, it just gets tougher for us.

Cheryl Sartan writes, "Dear THIRD, My friend Jennifer Espinoza is really grating on my nerves. She's the type of woman who plays dumb because she thinks it means that men will like her more. I'm not sure what to do about this. Any suggestions?"

Is there anything you can do? Honestly, is there? Cheryl, we're sure you'll agree with us that it can be hard enough running your own life without trying to run someone else's also. If Jennifer wants to change, she will. But at this point, it sounds like it's just you. And if you try to change someone who doesn't want to change you are going to (a) most likely fail and (b) be very frustrated.

Keenan e-mails, "THIRD, I'm not voting for Biden. This fall, I'll be in my third year in college. I am not a fan of Trump but my not liking him doesn't mean I vote for Biden. He's disgusting and I'm outraged that the Democratic Party refused to do better. I'll either vote Green or not vote for president. I cannot believe how badly the DNC, Obama and the media screwed this up. I am not a purist. I would've voted for Booker, for Harris, for Gabbard, for Sanders, for Gillibrand, for anyone but Biden. He voted for the Iraq War. He's not worthy of my vote. He's also not fit mentally and, yes, I believe Tara Reade. I blame them and if Trump gets a second term, that's on them."

Keenan, we hear you.
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