Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mail bag


Dear THIRD ESTATE SUNDAY REVIEW, you used to cover comic books. What happened? Sincerely, Margaret.

We did it. We did it and then we were done. We got to cover the first issue of BATWOMAN in DETECTIVE COMICS -- Jess, Dallas, Dona and Isaiah got to meet Greg Rucka and that was the high point.

Batwoman autographed

We continued to cover BATWOMAN and we added WONDER WOMAN and others. But then CIA Gloria Steinem had to go and screw things up. Her public tantrum when Princess Diana's origin story was changed was embarrassing. If you missed it, Princess Diana was given a father: Zeus. And it was all too much for Gloria's weak mind. She had to object, she had to. She acts like she owns Wonder Woman, have you noticed? And she never has anything to say about Wonder Woman unless she's complaining. We could care less whether Wonder Woman has a father or not. But while Gloria was playing the fool, Wonder Woman was in the midst of the best storyline she'd had in years. It was just frustrating and we were trying to be kind to the elderly idiot Gloria. But it soured us on it and we really haven't gone back to covering it. Also true, we tend to try to do some new stuff. We have to do The TESR Test Kitchen because it's just too popular and it's a ''short feature'' which Dona always wants us to do (and Dona may be the one who came up with the idea). We might do comics again some day.

THIRD, will you be doing a fiction edition this summer? Thanks, Joe.

Our lives have become a fiction edition -- a horror story as we try to make it through the pandemic. We had a really rough time the last time we attempted that so we probably won't try again.

Dear TESR, I love Ava and C.I.'s commentaries. Is anyone going to be upset if I print them up in a hardbound collection? - Nina.

Not at all. We need to do the same here.

Dear THIRD ESTATE SUNDAY REVIEW, Where's the art? You used to do so many illustrations but not really so much now. Thank you, Bobby

You are absolutely right. But we did some paintings this edition. They aren't dry yet so they may not get used this edition. But we agree we are slacking on that front and we want to be sure we stop that.

THIRD, I get it, you don't want to repeat. But a collage doesn't have to be a repeat. It doesn't have to be a MY FASCIST HOUSE collage. I like collages and doesn't Jim always say "short pieces! short pieces!" Sincerely, Bill

We like your idea, Bill. Let us play with it a bit. But it's Dona, not Jim, who always shouts "Short pieces!"

3rd, I used to like you guys so much better when you were Democrats. Whatever, Jody

Jody, Jess is part of THIRD and he was always a Green. Ann helps with the editions and she's a Green -- always has been. So we're confused as to when we were all Democrats? Maybe you mean when we were nicer to Democrats? We used to be nice to, for example, Nancy Pelosi. But she shucked and jived on the Iraq War. It's not our fault that she turned out to be insincere. The Iraq War was used by too many Democrats to try to motivate people to vote. They talked big about ending it but they didn't mean it and that's why there are still US troops on the ground in Iraq.

You guys are stupid and Tara Reade is a liar. F.U., Boyce.

Well, Boyce, thanks for sharing. We do not believe that Tara Reade lied about Joe Biden assaulting her. We believe Tara. If you don't, you should write about that. Create a website and write all about it.

Hey 3rd, I think you were too kind to COUNTERSPIN recently. Just saying, Anne.

Anne, we actually agree. We thought they would comment or reply. They've been thrilled to e-mail us privately in the past. We were e-mailing them for a comment of some form, trying to be fair. We won't bother with that ever again. There's nothing fair about FAIR. It's an incestuous organization where a married couple has destroyed whatever was left of the organization. Again, you are right, Anne, we were too kind.

Dear Third, after Ava and C.I.'s TV reporting, my favorite pieces are Jim's World. Can we get that a little more often? Yours truly, Rachel.

Oh, Jim's head is going to be swelling. Do you know that in the last year, every time you have had a Jim's World, it was because of Ava and C.I. As they have been asked to do this or that in edition after edition, they've taken to saying to Jim, "Okay and since we're doing that, we're guessing you're going to do a Jim's World this edition?"

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