Wednesday, June 24, 2020

John Bolton is a War Criminal, he is not your friend

We got an e-mail from Jody telling us he liked us "so much better when you were Democrats." What does he think we are now? Bogans?

Whatever he thinks we are, we'd argue that some of the people posing as Democrats are actually not.

Meaning? You can't cheer War Criminal John Bolton and be a Democrat. You can do that and be a hypocrite. John Bolton is a known liar. He is a War Monger. Tom Hayden considered John a War Criminal and that was something we never disagreed with Tom over.

John Bolton supposedly bares all in a new book and we're supposed to embrace him?


The corporate press is no help.  They offer garbage even when they dress it up with a headline like  "Joe Biden Is Wondering Why John Bolton Suddenly Likes Him."

Sadly, it's not a statement from Joe, nor is it an honest reflection on War Criminal John Bolton.  It's just useless chatter from two NYT columnists who don't have much in their brains. Harsh?

It is the height of stupidity to insist that Michelle Obama should be Joe Biden's running mate. Joe Biden could die in office. He could be a one-term president who decides not to seek re-election. The Democrats are in the same position that John McCain left the Republican Party in during the 2008 race.  In fact, Joe Biden's health is much worse than McCain's and he had to choose someone young and with experience.

Sarah Palin was the Governor of Alaska when she was picked.  What public office has Michelle held?  What election has she ever won?  What in her background reassures America that if Joe was elected and dropped dead in his first 100 days, Michelle would be ready to be president?

This is the garbage our press provides.

That includes encouraging celebration of John Bolton.

John Bolton is not the left's friend.  He is not the center's friend.  He is not even a friend to Republicans.  He is death and he is destruction and he should not be welcomed by anyone with all the blood on his hands.

Don't get it twisted, John Bolton is a War Criminal.  As Seth Harp (ROLLING STONE) pointed out last year:

A hawk is a medium-sized bird of prey, a noble animal that plays a vital role in many ecosystems.
John Bolton, by contrast, is a war criminal, a man better described as a black-pilled, death-worshipping ghoul drenched in the blood of Muslim children than compared to an elegant specimen of the family Accipitridae.
If there were justice in the world, Bolton would be handed over to the Iraqi government, perhaps for them to do as the Israelis did to Eichmann. He’s not an international pariah on par with Rumsfeld or Rove, but he’s easily as culpable as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, or Libby in the fraudulent invasion and catastrophic occupation of Iraq, a disaster that eventually spilled over into Syria, and now has people literally fleeing into the ocean. Unlike some architects of the Iraq war, who had the decency to disappear from public life, Bolton continued to unapologetically defend the con job he did as George W. Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations, even as he tirelessly agitated for war with Iran and North Korea and Venezuela as Trump’s national security advisor.


Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "War Criminal John Bolton Wants To Share."

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