Monday, April 13, 2020

Oh, boo hoo

Cenk Uygur Tweeted:

Exactly as predicted
comes out with story about Tara Reade's allegations against
right after
leaves the race. They of course say they were working on story all along. Funny how accurately we can predict these coincidences.


This is about whether or not Joe Biden assaulted Tara Reade.

Bernie Sanders made his decision.  He decided to betray everyone when there were 26 primaries still to vote.  No one forced him out.  His supporters -- that he supposedly represented -- weren't calling for him to drop out.

Bernie decided all by himself to drop out.

That's on him.

Tara Reade had already made her allegations -- weeks before Bernie made his decision.  He never once noted her, never once defended her.  He was too eager to bail.  Now he may have blown the nomination but that's on him.

He's a coward who couldn't stay in the race.

As more information comes out about the allegations, we may see Joe forced out by the DNC leaders.  If that happens, a Gavin Newsom or an Andrew Cuomo may emerge.

If so, too bad for Bernie.  He had the chance to stay in the race.  He made his decision.  Stop whining about the coward who betrayed everyone.

This really has nothing to do with him -- not Tara's allegations and not the nominee of the Democratic Party.  Bernie made sure that neither had anything to do with him.

As C.I. noted last week:

You got used, America.  He blew his wad and left you in the middle of the night.  Now you wake up in the still semi-wet spot of the sheets and you're all, "Do you think he'll call?"

He's never calling.  It's not that 'he's not into you,' he was into you last night, rutting away.  It's that he doesn't respect you and he honestly doesn't like you.

He didn't lose your phone number.  He didn't have a medical emergency.  He didn't get hit by a bus.

He used you.  He pumped and dumped.

Bernie is no longer pertinent, he ensured that with his withdrawal from the race.

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