Monday, April 13, 2020

Editorial: We aren't all in this together

Despite a lot of repetition, we aren't all in this together.  Various corporations keep insisting we are in one commercial after another -- Wal-Mart, Burger King, Lowe's, Quicken Loans, Car Max, etc -- but we aren't.

The Congress works for the corporations.

That's who they bail out in the stimulus.  They don't bail out Americans.  Americans need $2,000 a month -- every adult -- minimum.  When Bernie Sanders was pretending to be a fighter, he gave lip service to that assertion.  Of course, he refused to demand it in the Senate and voted for the corporate give away of American tax dollars.  Fake Ass Bernie.

So many fake asses in Congress.

As Jimmy Dore points out above, US House Rep. Alexandria  Ocasio-Cortez did not vote against the corporate give away despite claims otherwise.

"Shameful and crumbs for working families" -- that's what Ocasio-Cortez called it but she voted for it.

Who fights for the American people?

We're not all in this together.

That's a lie that we're told so we don't get outraged.  Could you imagine thousands of people in the streets right now?  They don't want that.  Their figure head, Joe Biden, promises if he becomes president that nothing will change.  Nothing.  Will.  Change.  The pandemic makes clear that everything must change.

Our Congress has betrayed us.  Trade deals that robbed the American people of jobs have been revealed to have left us unable to manufacture what we need -- basics like surgical masks and ventilators.  Medicare For All has never been needed more.  The pandemic has exposed how wanting our current system is, how corrupt and how outrageous.

We aren't all in this together.

The corporations got our tax dollars.  The American people got screwed.

We should be outraged.  We should be outraged by where our money has gone.  We should be outraged that we are expected to take part in the normalization of a pandemic -- a pretense that massive numbers of Americans dying from the coronavirus is normal or, for that matter, acceptable.

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