Tuesday, March 03, 2020

What if the show becomes a hit now? (Dona)

America Ferrera is leaving SUPERSTORE. Should I cry? Scream? Bang my head against the wall? Honestly, I'm just not that vested. SUPERSTORE? Another one of those mind-numbing single-camera situation 'comedies' that never really rises to the level of funny. America? Someone I stopped caring about years ago.



That was a great show. Salma Hayeck knew what she was doing when she created that program for English-speaking audiences. And America was moving on that show. A lot of it was the writing, yes. But she did provide her own twist on the character.

Like many, I washed my hands of Ferrera when she lied in 2016. https://www.bustle.com/articles/143153-america-ferreras-shocking-claim-about-bernie-sanders-supporters-is-making-waves

When even SNOPES is calling you a liar, give it up. But Ferrera lied then and has continued to lie ever since. It's made her a joke and no one I care to watch. In fairness to Ferrera, people were tired of her before she lied. Even in 2015, viewers were avoiding SUPERSTORE. The show should have been cancelled long ago.

Maybe America Ferrera's departure will finally provide the show with the lift it needed? Wouldn't that be something? She leaves after five seasons and the show suddenly becomes a hit.

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