Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Poor, dumb Joe


It never breaks Joe Biden's way, does it? He finally wins a primary -- he's been running for the nomination since 1988 and he finally wins a primary on Saturday for the first time ever -- and it means nothing. He wins and the immediate response from his supporters -- from his supporters! -- like US House Rep. James Clyburn is that Joe needs to immediately retool his campaign. That's how his 'victory' goes over with those pulling for Joe.

Meanwhile, he's trying to act like a winner. He's trying to be positive. But even after his first ever win, Barack Obama tells him over the phone that he's still not endorsing anyone.

Saturday should have been the bright spot for Joe. The only bright spot he'll likely have, in fact. Instead, his win is greeted by calls from his supporters for him to revamp his campaign and by a call from Barack telling Joe that Barack's still not endorsing him.

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