Monday, February 17, 2020

PREVENTION MAGAZINE can't be bothered with facts -- or fact checking

Last month, PREVENTION MAGAZINE published a story on Jane Fonda.

We were left scratching our heads.  Not just over the headline which seemed better suited to a magazine entitled GREED but also over the byline.  Nicol Natale wrote the article and she's billed as "an assistant editor."  Who edits the editor?

Better yet, who fact checks the editor?

We found multiple errors, reasons the article never should have been published to begin with.  We're zooming in on these five.

1) "In 1960, Fonda’s career really started to bloom. She took home a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in the play There Was A Little Girl and made her first film appearance in the romantic comedy Tall Story."


Jane Fonda's never won a Tony.  She was nominated in 1960 -- and again in 2009 -- but she's never won a Tony.

2) "She continued to juggle film and theatre in the years to come, starring in notable movies, like The Chapman Report (1962), Barbarella (1968), and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969)."

No, she didn't juggle them.  She left the theater in 1963 with the Actors Studio's production of STRANGE INTERLUDE.  She would not return until 2009.

3) "She also won an Oscar for On Golden Pond (1981), in which she co-starred with her father."

No.  Jane was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (and lost to Maureen Stapleton) and the film was nominated for Best Picture (Jane's company produced the film) but lost to CHARIOT'S OF FIRE.

4) "After injuring her ankle while filming The China Syndrome in in 1979, Fonda shifted gears and started doing aerobics and strength exercises with instructor Leni Cazden."

Wrong.  Jane was filming THE CHINA SYNDROME in 1978.  She had to follow that film, a few weeks later, with CALIFORNIA SUITE which included a bikini scene.  That's why she started doing aerobics and strength exercise.  CALIFORNIA SUITE was released in December of 1978, by which point Jane was filming THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN and was leading a workout class for any who wanted to participate.

5) "In 2013, she released her memoir My Life So Far, which became a New York Times bestseller."

MY LIFE SO FAR was published in April of 2005.

How does something like that article get written by an assistant editor, let alone published?

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