Monday, February 17, 2020

Iraqi women refuse to be intimidated

Goon Moqtada al-Sadr attempted to tell Iraqi women what to do.  They took to the streets last week to tell him they don't need his advice.

  1. Women of Iraq take to the streets defending freedom. Revolutionary Women who will change the history of Iraq.

  2. Todays womens march in Baghdad. Today our womens voices echo across every province in Iraq. If you look closely- the men have created a wall surrounding the women as protection.


  1. 📸 Gallery: Thousands of women pour into the streets of Iraq to oppose government cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's calls for segregation

  1. Huge women’s march through the streets of today to call for women’s rights + denounce Shia leader Muqtadaal-Sadr’s calls to segregate men and women in protest hubs.


  1. This is HEROIC. Iraqi women continue joining the protests DESPITE calls for segregation from Muqtada Al Sadr and his militants. They also launched hashtag This is the type of energy that keeps me optimistic about the future of Iraq and the middle east. Please RT

  1. Iraqi women of different cultural & religious beliefs united by their love for Iraq. The male protesters supported & protected them. Today Iraq proved it will never become another "Mullah State" كد كيدك و اسعى سعيك فوالله لا تمحو ذكرنا 💜

  2. Hundreds of Iraqi women gathered in central today, to defend their role in the four months long anti-government protests, waving ’s flag and vowing to continue
  3. I expected Women in Baghdad to have a big March but the South , now that’s the real revolution Nasriyah and Basra. We don’t need to look anymore at old pics of Iraq and state it was better back then . I would rather have this Iraq were change is coming from the people .

  1. More photos are being sent and uploaded on the same hashtag on both facebook and Twitter translates to Show your support for these amazing women by using both hashtags and let them know they are not alone. Media coverage will be great too!

  2. The people of Iraq are just not giving up, despite 100s of deaths, intimidation and who knows how many arrests. They were out in force in Iraqi cities today. Women led the march in Baghdad. Feel the anger.

  1. Hundreds of women marched in Baghdad, calling on the United Nations to support their protest against alleged corruption, discrimination and gender-based segregation. Protesters demanded the end of the current political system in Iraq.
  2. More on 's march calling for 's freedom

  3. An Iraqi women holds a red rose as she takes part in an anti government demonstration in southern city of#basra on February 13,2020

In pictures| Iraqi women take to streets defying government and conservatives. A woman carries a poster saying "we are the home, who are you!". My photo gallery story with the great photographer , for

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