Monday, February 24, 2020

Editorial: They've already accomplished a great deal

THE WASHINGTON POST's Louisa Loveluck Tweeted:

Iraq's protests have faced the full force of the state, & the fact they persist is a victory in itself. But now they must decide how to channel that influence into real political change, writes in this clear-eyed analysis.

Whatever the protesters decide to do will be their decision.  They deserve praise for what they have already accomplished -- and, yes, just protesting daily despite the threats is an accomplishment.

147 days of anti-government protests continue in Baghdad, Iraq Violent clashes between protesters and riot police continue near al-Khilani Square in Baghdad.

In addition, they have managed to oust a prime minister.

Their brave actions have been recognized and embraced by the Iraqi people.   IIACSS looks at the support for the protesters in Iraq:

1. the independent research group, the only representative of the GAF International Research Foundation conducted a survey of Iraqi public opinion on the events that took place in October 2019 and are still ongoing. The research conducted with Iraqis representing all the provinces of Iraq and in various social, demographic, economic, educational and sexual sectors was based on more than 2000 interviews conducted face-to-face and computerized by the group of researchers and according to the latest technology used in this field. The survey was conducted during February 2020. Where the random sample method (PPS) was used.
2. Top Results:
1. There is absolute support for more than 85 % for demonstrations and in various regions, including more than 80% of support among the kurds while the ratio has reached much more in the rest of the regions. While various southern and Baghdad provinces have shown a very close level of support for demonstrations, the provinces of diyala, kirkuk and Mosul have shown the highest levels of support compared to the other provinces that were occupied (or parts) by ISIS gangs.
2. The percentage of Iraqis who support the demands of the protests and are legitimate over 90 % WHILE ONLY 5 % of those who say it is illegal, and the percentage of those who say it is an external conspiracy on Iraq only 10 %.
3. The two highest demands in support of the two leaders are to hold those responsible for killing and killing protesters and then early elections.
4. About 50 % of Shia and more than 15 % of the year reported that they personally participated in these demonstrations in different ways and at least once. The citizens of Mosul and Tikrit showed the highest desire to participate in the demonstrations if they broke out in their wallets compared to the other provinces where the demonstrations did not break out.
5. Although there are some relative differences, Iraqis have not encouraged any of the major political leaders to discontent their political performance. None of the political leaders (other than the Kurds) were able to reach 20 % of confidence in their performance.

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