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Not a royal watcher here.  And not overly concerned or interested in the monarchy in England.  Also not really interested in Margaret Kimberley -- or any woman her age wearing those cheap, dime-store braids.  If you're going to wear fake hair, make it fun hair, not trashy hair that looks cheap.

Keesha e-mailed, however, about Margaret Kimberley, "It's not just that she's useless, it's also that she ignores our needs and issues.  As a rule, a princess in England has no impact on my life.  However, when the princess is bi-racial and England's well know history of unhidden racism comes into play, this is an issue that applies to me.  Those attacking Dianne Abbott, for example, have never felt that they needed to check their racism before publicly attacking her.  They've just accepted it as a natural right or something.  So Margaret's rude remarks about Meghan Markle are really getting on my nerves.  She's a lunatic."

Sad, but true, Margaret Kimberley has become a public disgrace.  She now traffics in nutty conspiracy theories and, when they don't pan out, she just moves on like she never Tweeted it.

In other words, no one was killed. A lie.

No contractor was killed, Trashy Maggie told us on January 4th, it was a lie.

 Nawres Hamid is the US contractor (born in Iraq) who was killed in the attack.  He was not "a lie" despite the cheap and tawdry Tweet of Nutty Maggie.  He was 33-years-old, he had a wife and two young children.

Trashy Maggie, Nutty Maggie, Lying Maggie.  She really should stop pimping her crazy conspiracy theories.  There's no reason to believe her anymore.  Her celebration (via reTweet) of someone who killed US troops in Iraq and conducted ethnic cleansing in Iraq goes to how stupid and uninformed a pathetic old woman can get.

She's insane.

  1. So Iran would shoot down a Ukrainian passenger jet while trying not to start a war? I don’t believe it. This incident must be investigated by a neutral nation.

"I don't believe it."  Fool, it's true.  Grow the hell up and stop worshiping foreign governments just because they oppose the US.  You're as knee jerk as you are stupid.  And you're really, really stupid.

Those protests in Iran are as phony as $3 bills. I knew something was up when the U.K. ambassador was caught in attendance. This is a long thread. Read it all.

Those protests weren't fake.  What Margaret saw was the need to apologize for the Iranian government.  What the Iranian people felt was outrage that their government had shot down a civilian airliner.  But, again, Margaret identifies with oppressive governments, not the people who live under them.

On the topic of Markle, Maggie makes sport of the woman.  She Tweets b.s. and then reTweets more b.s. and more b.s.  The last one?  A White woman mocking Meghan Markle.  That's the way Margaret rolls.

Meghan Ma

Must read; Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out

Rubin's linking to a column by Afua Hirsch which notes:

With a new prime minister whose track record includes overtly racist statements, some of which would make even Donald Trump blush, a Brexit project linked to native nationalism and a desire to rid Britain of large numbers of immigrants, and an ever thickening loom of imperial nostalgia, many of us are also thinking about moving.
From the very first headline about her being “(almost) straight outta Compton” and having “exotic” DNA, the racist treatment of Meghan has been impossible to ignore. Princess Michael of Kent wore an overtly racist brooch in the duchess’s company. A BBC host compared the couple’s newborn baby to a chimpanzee. Then there was the sublimely ludicrous suggestion that Meghan’s avocado consumption is responsible for mass murder, while her charity cookbook was portrayed as somehow helping terrorists.
Those who claim frequent attacks against the duchess have nothing to do with her race have a hard time explaining these attempts to link her with particularly racialized forms of crime — terrorism and gang activity — as well as the fact that she has been most venomously attacked for acts that attracted praise when other royals did them. Her decision to guest-edit British Vogue, for example, was roundly condemned by large parts of the British media, in stark contrast to Prince Charles’s two-time guest editorship of Country Life magazine, Prince Harry’s of a BBC program and Kate Middleton’s at Huffington Post, all of which were quietly praised at the time.
Her treatment has proved what many of us have always known: No matter how beautiful you are, whom you marry, what palaces you occupy, charities you support, how faithful you are, how much money you accumulate or what good deeds you perform, in this society racism will still follow you.

Margaret's not interested in the racism that Meghan faced or the fact that all Black people in the UK have to face this racism.  Margaret's just interested in her own stank ass.  Which is why she Tweets this garbage.

At first I said we shouldn't be upset about because we didn't know him. But we have ties with famous people. We have shared memories and experiences with others through them. They become part of our lives, whether we want them to or not. My condolences.

She can find ties with a rapist.  But she feels nothing for the racism Meghan Markle had to endure?  Shame on her.  As an African-American, I find Margaret Kimberley disgusting.

She needs to find a nursing home quick.  Whatever was left of her mind has gone.

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