Monday, January 27, 2020

Tweets of the week (international)

  1. This is crazy! Watch the heave gun fire toward the unarmed protesters sleeping in their tents in Nasriyah! The Iraqi government is either part of this quelling plan or has lost control to the militias.
  2. Breaking: armed gunmen in trucks(Militia style attack) attacked the protesters in Nasriyah and fired their weapons in an indiscriminate way around the city
  3. Protesters were inside their tents when armed men attacked them and fired non stop from their pickup trucks prior to torching the tents in Nasriyah’s Habobi Square, this is bizarre and shows the brutal crack down protesters are facing since October in
  4. The sounds of gun shots and whatever is being used against unarmed protesters in Nasriyah right now is painful to hear.

  5. Breaking: an attack is ongoing against protesters in Habobi square , Nasriyah


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