Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Some Tweets from Dario Hunter

Dario Hunter is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.

  • 's Green Path Forward is a step further from the Green New Deal. We not only vow to have all businesses switch to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 but also eliminate plastic pollution, scale back agribusinesses, promote co-ops & green spaces
  • Dec. 10th is Human Rights Day. On this day and every day after, let's repeat to everyone we meet, "We are all born free & equal. Every one of us has rights!" ✊
  • Our campaign has been saying this for some time now. We can't simply lean on the clean energy targets in the Green New Deal and continue w/ an irresponsible approach to animal agriculture. The future of our planet demands that we scale back.
  • My heart is broken over the deadly targeting of a kosher supermarket in my hometown of Jersey City. I wish healing and comfort for all those affected by this tragedy. We must commit to building a world free of hate and violence & welcoming of diversity.
  • I oppose Trump's efforts to define Judaism and antisemitism in a manner really intended to stifle criticism of Israel. Antisemitism is real, but if Trump wants to address it he needs to stop fueling white nationalism.

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