Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Some Tweets from the Green Party

  • . will be meeting Monday night at the Freeport Library
  • Ahem. You’ve never cared that the media’s flawed formula ensures no actual competition from third parties while it pushed aside candidates like , or . Funny how that works.
  • For the last 40 years, FERC has been under the thumb of the fossil fuel industry. With the current climate crisis, we must sweep out the old structure which has brought the world to the brink of destruction.
  • So grateful my majority has increased because it shows Pavilion continues to believe in compassion, justice & a bigger future. But I feel deeply angry too that our political system is so badly broken & has locked out people’s voices for years
  • "This election should be a wake-up call to the Labour Party. they do need to work with other parties to overcome problems with the electoral system" - Sign the petition for Proportional Representation:
  • An overlooked but quite interesting story
  • The UK has once again been handed over to a party most people rejected at the ballot box. If you don't want to wake up in five years time to exactly the same thing, join the movement for Proportional Representation.
  • . will hold winter convention 2/11/2020 in Portland
  • Today on America’s Work Force, with spoke with America’s Work Force about how money influences political parties, ranked-choice voting, and healthcare issues. Check out all that she said about these topics here:
  • “Shame!” Indigenous Leaders & Delegates from Global South Stage Dramatic Protest at COP25 in Madrid
  • A bi-partisan travesty: "'Read Every Word of This': WaPo Investigation Reveals US Officials' Public Deception Campaign on Afghan War"
  • "Pennies for the people and millions for the energy companies" - Greens oppose 145-mile electric transmission line through Maine affecting the indigenous territories
  • Four Pillars Youth T-Shirt - We belong to the party for the future let's share the 4 pillars that unite Greens around the world. Super soft from recycled materials made w/ our Green values in mind. 100% Cotton, union printed in the US.
  • Green Party says strengthen the Paris Agreement, shut down NATO
  • By ignoring peace conference, local media & politicians putting democracy in peril
  • Latest news from includes stories from PA, MA, CA & Detroit
  • On Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were assassinated by Chicago Police and the FBI
  • Green Party web updates for December 3, 2019 > ... includes news from Texas, Maine, New Orleans, Pennsylvania & the Latinx Caucus
  • Bangor Daily News on how Lisa Savage's 2020 campaign for US Senate can help revive the @ LisaForMaine

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