Monday, December 09, 2019

Some Tweets from Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh is seeking the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

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    I'm not afraid to admit it - I like weed as much as Justice likes beer - and this is the end of the drug war! (For the record, I like beer too.)

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    APRIL 28: The Libertarian Party of New York will be holding our first presidential preference primary! New York is a closed primary state, so you will need to be a registered LIBERTARIAN in order to vote in our primary. Registration can be changed here:
  • Looking forward to seeing you in Austin with my good friend, & 1st person I ever voted for Pres, former nominee Michael Badnarik! Very excited to be joined by one of my true heroes! Thanks to Ted Brown & Travis County LP for making this happen!
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    The World's very first dissenting Presidential campaign video; the video I would like to see from every candidate:
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  • . You sure about that? I've been talking explicitly about pardoning them & more on day one. All federal whistleblowers will be completely free from fedl prosecution. Forever: I hope your support for isn't based on MSM misinfo!

  • ., according to this video, you're a "tyrant." Did your really vote for HR1296, the "assault weapons ban?" That might destroy your credibility with libertarians.
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    YES! THis is a true act of restorative & poetic justice. Long time White Panther Rainbow People’s Party activist/poet/rock n roller John Sinclair buys the first legal weed in Michigan. Makes me know all these years of struggle truly mean something.
  • . says can't host a presidential debate. Not true, unless she meant only between corporate-controlled candidates of the duopoly. Tulsi, would the let you debate me? I'll come on JRE again for that. You in, Joe?
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    We have "free speech" here in the US and dancing can still get you kidnapped. CC
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    This is probably the best plan I have ever seen to be quite honest
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    Watch my brand new interview with

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