Monday, December 09, 2019

Editorial: The slaughter continues in Iraq

My dear brother Ahmed was murdered tonight, stabbed in the back. He participated in many battles against ISIS as a photojournalist. He covered the protests in Baghdad. Tonight he joins with the other young Iraqis who lost their lives in the protests.

The protests continue in Iraq.  The American media seems immune to them.  Not one journalist has bothered to ask self-proclaimed Iraq 'expert' Joe Biden about the protests or the government killing protesters.

A prominent civil society activist was shot dead late Sunday in Iraq's shrine city of Karbala while returning home from anti-government protests


Shouldn't it matter?

Protesters in demand end to corruption, deficiency, unemployment and poverty.

Shouldn't we all be on board with this struggle?

Sometimes, it seems that in the US, so many turn away from what's going on in Iraq because they can't or won't admit that they were conned and tricked by Barack Obama who promised, in 2008, to get all US troops out of Iraq but left office in 2017 with US troops still on the ground in Iraq.

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