Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Some Tweets from Dario Hunter

  • Hillary: ‘Many, many people’ have urged me to run... Me: Corporations are not people. # via
  • Reform and remake are such misused words in American politics. Warren has proposed to ‘remake’ our abusive capitalist system. But we all know what’s in that recipe and no amount of sugar is going to make it palatable. We need real system change.
  • Last night I dreamt of my indefinite ‘detention’ by ICE, a result of my MANY encounters with ICE racism. But unlike the nightmares that follow a scary movie, that scenario is sadly possible. ICE is a fascist, abusive, family-separating affront to human dignity. Abolish ICE now.
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    SF Greens welcome presidential candidate to our monthly meeting on 11/20! Agenda details are here:
  • Yes, the water crisis in my hometown of Newark, NJ still exists and it’s part of a national problem. supports rapidly eradicating lead hazards nationwide and holding govt. officials criminally responsible.
  • Morales has a mandate until Jan. Even if you find fault with Bolivia’s recent election (which is US/OAS propaganda bull), his current democratic mandate has been violated with no due process by a bunch of thugs. This is just another antidemocratic US imperialist coup.
  • In Las Cruces, NM, not only did ranked choice give voters greater choice but it saved $100K in election costs. supports ranked choice voting, proportional representation and an end to corporate money in politics.
  • Thank you to all who recently encouraged me to join the Peace and Freedom Party primary. However, not only will I not run against the Green Party, I will not consider any other party’s nomination before our Green race is over. Peace, love and respect to P&F and its candidates.
  • Don’t JUST call it a coup. What has happened to Morales in Bolivia is a US imperialist coup. And apologists, don’t even try to legitimize it through the OAS. They are primarily funded by the US to advance its interests. American imperialism must end.
  • calls for an end to the militarization of our police forces, including the unconscionable exchange programs training our police in the same techniques Israel uses to oppress Palestinians. We call for community control of policing.
  • 36 mil. Americans aren’t literate enough for work. Illiteracy’s effects are far reaching, e.g. from our justice system to healthcare. Inability to read health information carries an est. $230 bil. in costs. is focused on quality of life and quality education for all.

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