Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Some Green Party Tweets

  • I should note that the attempted arrest of (& false accusation she assaulted Congresswoman ) came just moments after interrupted a press conference held by Venezuelan coup official on capitol grounds
  • UPDATE: police tried to detain without a warrant & opted not to proceed with arrest after reviewing footage of the alleged incident We see once again how local DC police are colliding w & right-wing Venezuelan putchists in order to crush dissent
  • Police in the video say Medea "assaulted a member of Congress", when SHE was the one assaulted by right-wing, pro-coup thugs. This is a crude jam-up against one of our most courageous living global peace activists even as yet ANOTHER nation in Latin America endures a coup.
  • Today, a new McCarthyism has established itself in the public discourse, whereby anyone who questions the mainstream political establishment must be "working with the Russians" – or perhaps even "Putin's puppet."
  • . expresses outrage at Sunday’s coup against Bolivian President Evo Morales.
  • ✌️Get one of the last Green Party Polo shirtsπŸ’š until November and after in this great shirt and your contribution will directly support our party. Limited polos in L and XL
  • For decades, Nov 11 was celebrated internationally as Armistice Day with a commitment to *end all wars*. We need that today!
  • Those who call themselves progressive must speak out NOW. The bloody history of US crushing democracy in Latin America has gone on far too long to feign ignorance! Stand up & condemn the coup in NOW - or be complicit.
  • Happy ! We send our love and support to our intersex comrades! Read our statement:
  • The National Black Caucus of stands in solidarity with the preservation of the 1866 Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination when making and enforcing contracts.
  • . congratulates it candidates that ran for office yesterday
  • . celebrates electoral victories & approval of RCV in NYC
  • Congrats to NYC for passing for primaries and special elections! Let's KEEP ORGANIZING to demand it in General Elections so ALL voters can benefit from RCV!
  • CONGRATS to Green candidate Kat Bruner-James for her election to Ferndale Town Council! Kat a is a civil rights attorney and a trailblazer for in her community! πŸŒ»πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ½
  • The is actively seeking candidates for 2020. Towards that end they're hosting a campaign school on Saturday.

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