Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Some Tweets from the US Green Party

  • Live now!

  • as other states reduce ballot access requirements, New York is looking at increasing theirs!
  • ICYMI: interviews on to further debunk Hillary Clinton, the and 's attempts to demonize progressives and electoral independence from their Wall Street-owned, two-party cartel

  • . interviews about how Hillary Clinton is *still* sabotaging progressives & what happened at that 2015 dinner in Moscow! SPOILER: Jill spoke for global military disarmament & a Green New Deal (scandalous!), had zero convo w/ Putin
  • A *very* happy birthday to our 2016 Vice Presidential Nominee ! Thank you for your lifelong commitment to the struggle for peace and justice.
  • Hillary Clinton’s accusation that I am a “Russian asset” is an attempt to deflect attention from the role of Clinton’s campaign in her own defeat & has fueled a new era of McCarthyism ...
  • The Green Party stands with the Chicago Teachers Union in their strike demands, including lowering class size and hiring more support staff such as nurses, librarians, social workers, special education case managers and bilingual teachers
  • The is recruiting candidates for the 2020 campaign.
  • In a system that needs more democracy then less, the democrat party, which is now a right-wing party, has embraced a position that condemns alternatives to the two ruling class parties as foreign influenced. Welcome to history because you are now living through a new McCarthyism.
  • " now are assuming the role once played by " (...) "who denounced everyone opposed to the War on Terror as 'Saddam-lovers.'" ?
  • Four Pillars Youth T-Shirt - We belong to the party for the future let's share the 4 pillars that unite Greens around the world. Super soft from recycled materials made w/ our Green values in mind. 100% Cotton, union printed in the US.
  • How can Greens help Greens? w/ GreenCents RoundUps Donate your spare change to create the change we need. This free download has instructions to participate in building our party & a Greener world. Print in color or grayscale for your event.

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