Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Editorial: The issues that matter

This month a debate took place in Houston.

One candidate addressed the Iraq War, did you notice?  Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination who is comfortable talking about the (ongoing) Iraq War.

Tulsi Gabbard?

She gave War Hawk Joe Biden a pass when she was at the July debate.  She was an embarrassment.

So are the other candidates who won't discuss Iraq.

As Bernie notes, it does go to judgment.  It's the same issue that Barack Obama raised in 2008.  It goes to judgment and don't claim to be a leader if you can't lead on this issue.

Elizabeth Warren wasted all of Tuesday talking impeachment.

Does she think that's an issue she needs to address as a presidential candidate?

Because it just seems like she's masturbating in public.

Bernie's addressing real issues.  The Iraq War, the need to raise taxes on the wealthy, the need for Medicare For All, real issues.

Fake asses reveal themselves.  Right now, Bernie's the only candidate addressing the issues that matter to our lives.

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