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Greens run in fall 2019 elections

From the Green Party:

At least 62 Greens are running in elections in September, October and November 2019. At least 43 Greens have run in winter, spring and summer 2019 elections, with 18 elected.
Most are running for a variety of positions: city and town councils, soil and water commissions, school boards, township trustees, and zoning boards. A few are seeking seats for state legislature or statewide office.

Green Party of the United States

For Immediate Release:
Monday, September 9, 2019
Michael O’Neil, GPUS Communications Manager,, 202-804-2758
Mike Feinstein, GPUS Elections Database
Holly Hart, Co-chair, Media Committee,, 202-804-2758
Craig Seeman, Co-chair, Media Committee,, 202-804-2758

Many expect to see increased interest in Green candidates, reflecting growing concerns about climate change and related emergencies. A few examples include:
Frida Berrigan, running for Mayor of New London, CT, has received an endorsement from Martin Sheen:
Danielle Swift is running for City Council Ward 6 in St. Paul, MN, as a mother, community organizer and housing advocate, seeking to enact policies to better provide truly affordable housing.
Monica James, running for District 4 City Council in Muncie, IN, is seeking to help get rid of corruption in her city. “Despite several arrests in recent years,” she said, “problems persist in both major parties. Getting rid of corruption is my main issue.”
Kat Bruner James, running for Ferndale, MI, City Council, is a former Ferndale “Citizen of the Year” who helped bring ranked choice voting to her city.
Green candidates will be featured in a special September 19th fundraising Web-A-Thon that will be streamed over Facebook.

Green Candidates in Fall 2019 Elections

Updated as of September 8, 2019
Information compiled by Mike Feinstein, Advisor to the GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee, based upon information in the Elections Data Base of the Green Party of the United States.
Arizona (4)
11/05/2019 AZ Mike Cease Mayor
11/05/2019 AZ Cara Bissell City Council
11/05/2019 AZ Matthew Smith City Council
11/05/2019 AZ William Peterson City Council
Connecticut (23)
11/05/2019 CT Judy Beaulieu Zoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019 CT Frida Berrigan Mayor
11/05/2019 CT James Connolly Planning and Zoning Commission
11/05/2019 CT John Escobales Board of Assessment Appeals Board
11/05/2019 CT Jason Feeney Board of Education
11/05/2019 CT James Flores Zoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019 CT Cassandra Martineau Board of Education
11/05/2019 CT John May Board of Education
11/05/2019 CT Mary Sanders City Council
11/05/2019 CT Aldea Savva Zoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019 CT Phil Sengle Police Commission
11/05/2019 CT Lorain Simister Zoning Board of Appeals
11/05/2019 CT Laurel Freeman Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/05/2019 CT Sarah Winter Board of Education
11/05/2019 CT Michael Westerfield Board of Finance
11/05/2019 CT Leif Smith Constable
11/05/2019 CT Jean de Smet Taxing District
11/05/2019 CT Charles Krich Taxing District
11/05/2019 CT Corey Krohn Taxing District
11/05/2019 CT Eric Bergman Town Council
11/05/2019 CT Ronna Stuller City Council
11/05/2019 CT Sharmaine Gregor School Board
11/05/2019 CT Rolf Maurer Board of Education
11/05/2019 CT Rob Derry Police Commission
Indiana (6)
11/05/2019 IN Sarah Dillon City Council
11/05/2019 IN Joseph Conn City Council
11/05/2019 IN Michael Cooper City Council
11/05/2019 IN Mike Smith City Council
11/05/2019 IN Monica James City Council
11/05/2019 IN Susan Brown City Council
Maine (1)
11/05/2019 ME Anna Trevorrow School Board
Michigan (2)
11/05/2019 MI Tom Mair City Commission
11/05/2019 MI Kat Bruner James City Council
Minnesota (1)
11/05/2019 MN Danielle Swift City Council
Missouri (2)
11/05/2019 MO Jeff Francis State Representative
11/05/2019 MO Bob Voorhees State Representative
New Jersey (1)
11/05/2019 NJ Craig Cayetano Town Council
North Carolina (3)
11/05/2019 NC Mack Coyle City Council
10/08/2019 NC Joshua Bradley City Council
09/10/2019 NC Loran Allen Smith U.S. House of Representatives
New York (10)
11/05/2019 NY Dave Sutliff-Atias City Council
11/05/2019 NY Alex White City Council
11/05/2019 NY Chris Edes City Council
11/05/2019 NY Mark McDermott Village Trustee
11/05/2019 NY Carol “Sandy” Przybylak Town Council
11/05/2019 NY Frank Cetera Common Council
11/05/2019 NY Cassandra Lems City Council
11/05/2019 NY Bill Bass Common Council
11/05/2019 NY Jamie Cooney Town Council
11/05/2019 NY Elizabeth Whitehouse Mayor
Ohio (1)
09/10/2019 OH Stefania Czech City Council
Pennsylvania (4)
11/05/2019 PA Mike Farley Township Supervisor
11/05/2019 PA Nicholas Prete School Board
11/05/2019 PA Riley Mahon School Board
11/05/2019 PA Olivia Fason City Council
Virginia (3)
11/05/2019 VA Wendy Hageman Smith School Board
11/05/2019 VA Ira Richards Soil and Water Conservation District
11/05/2019 VA Jonah Thomas Soil and Water Conservation District

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