Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dona's reply


Two editions ago, Jim and Ty wrote pieces and it was noted that I'd hoped to write a piece but didn't.  This prompted an e-mail:

As a woman, you should know that it is important to use your voice.  You allowed two men to speak by themselves and provided no female alternative.  I don't understand how you could do that and, in sisterhood, I ask you to seriously reconsider what you owe us.

Well, thanks, dear, but I don't owe you anything.

In addition, my contribution to this site has been (a) short pieces and (b) visuals.  I contributed with visuals on that edition (as well as writing on the group writing pieces) and I contributed by finding the best Tweet for that edition's "Tweet of the week."

This edition?

I've spent four hours going through various cell phones we have to look and see if there were any photos worth selecting for visuals.  After that, I determined whether they worked as photos.  If so, did I need to go in and sharpen the images.  If they didn't work as photos, would they be good source materials for sketches or for paintings?  We worked two of them into paintings (one is at the top of this piece).

One of the photos I hope will lead to a piece this edition.  May not.  But it's the same topic as the Tweet I selected two editions back and we weren't aware we had any sort of photo.

Jess and I work on editing of the written pieces.  (Jess also didn't do an individual piece two editions ago but he wasn't accused of forgetting what he "owed" anyone.)

Every edition, there is a media piece.  That is written by Ava and C.I.  Sometimes, that is the only piece that is not a group writing piece.

We are all -- the women and the men who work on this site -- feminists.

That should be obvious by our output.  If it's not, maybe you need to do some serious work on yourself.  I'd love to go into that with you but I've got to go a website to look through public domain photos and that'll probably take and hour and a half and may or may not produce anything we can use for a feature this edition.

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