Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Editorial: Don't get it twisted

As various voices step forward proclaiming no to war on Iran, we raise a skeptical eyebrow at some.

The Iraq War is ongoing.

Do the White women of CODEPINK not grasp that?

They've had years to notice.  When Barack Obama was in the White House for eight years, the Iraq War wasn't even a concern to them.  And Afghanistan?  Well they tried to rush forward with support for it.

We don't need war with Iran.

Absolutely not.

But don't mistake us for friends of CODESTINK or others who walked away from the ongoing Iraq War because we're not.

Unlike them and others, we didn't write books about Iraq or do documentaries or try to fundraise off an illegal war.

The Amy Goodmans did.  They used an illegal war to enrich their own pockets.

Amy didn't donate that money to help the Iraqi people.  No Iraqi refugees benefited.

They made money off the Iraq War the same as any weapons manufacturer.

So, no, they are not our friends and we do not stand beside them.

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