Monday, February 04, 2019

Little Marco Rubio gets spanked in the Senate

If you missed it. Senator Marco Rubio got a public spanking last week.  He's been pushing for the US to overthrow the government in Venezuela.  And the media's gone along with it.

a major republican senator is openly calling for a military coup in Latin America and MSNBC, CNN, NYT et al are offering no pushback whatsoever, instead providing the marketing collateral for this narrative with a one-dimensional Evil Dictator narrative.

But Marco did face some pushback last week.  In fact, he got spanked in a senate hearing.

From Thursday's "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, at the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Senator Marco Rubio was pushing for war on Venezuela while insisting that "we care a lot about democracy, we care a lot about freedom, we care a lot about human rights" and isn't it "in the national interest of the United States" for the government in Venezuela to fall (be overthrown) and be "replaced by a democratic and more responsive government?"

War to create a democratic and more responsive government?

[. . .]

Before we go further, let's note Senator Angus King rejected Marco's tantrum for war on Venezuela in Tuesday's hearing, stating, "In light of Senator Rubio's comments, I'd just like a note of caution.  He listed refugee flows, human rights abuses and corruption.  There are lots of countries in the world that meet that description and our right or responsibility to generate regime change in a situation like that, I think, is a slippery slope.  And I have some real caution about what our vital interests are and whether it's our right or responsibility to take action to try to change the government of another sovereign country."
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