Monday, February 04, 2019

Editorial: Are they your leaders?

Because if these people are your leaders, you better get ready to never go anywhere.

Who are we talking about?  People like Medea Benjamin and Jill Stein.

From Tuesday's "Iraq snapshot:"

Starting with this.

John Bolton loved the Iraq War. Now he apparently wants 5,000 US troops in Colombia. Only possible reason: to invade Venezuela. Trump’s boys appear to be cooking up another illegal war, 16 years after the disaster in Iraq that killed 1 million people. How do we stop the bastards?


I have a problem with that.  I have a problem with all the hosannas sung to Medea Benjamin last week as well.  Oh, how amazing, Medea's calling out war on Venezuela!!!! Oh, how f-ing impressive!


It's meaningless.

Jill's Tweet is meaningless.  16 years after the disaster in Iraq?

That would be the ongoing disaster.

And I'm not praising Jill for that Tweet or Medea for her nonsense.  To me, Medea's latest stunt was just another self-seeking attention device.  Venezuela has the left's attention?  Oh, good, Medea, get your megaphone!

Where the hell is she or Jill or anyone else on Iraq?  Because the Iraq War continues.  The occupation continues.  The Iraqi people continue to suffer.

If Medea or Jill were Moses, the Jewish people would still be wandering around in the wilderness.

Both women long ago dropped the issue of Iraq.

Now they mention it to 'fight' a war on Venezuela.

They have no follow through.  They do not stay with a cause.  They are grass hoppers darting here and there and they have no commitment.  They can't lead and they shouldn't try to.

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