Monday, December 24, 2018

Editorial: NYT still avoids Iraq reality

"The truth takes rigor," boast THE NEW YORK TIMES in their latest commercial. "The truth is worth it."

The truth?

According to the commercial, Donald Trump's tax returns.

Yes, that is the most important story in the world -- if you live in a very shallow world.

The reality is that the paper that sold the Iraq War with one lie after another prefers to be shallow.  For the second time in two weeks, Basra protesters have been shot at by police officers.  That's a story.  Iraq's government still can't form a fully staffed Cabinet -- and the security posts (Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense) remain empty.

Instead of reporting that or other serious issues, THE NEW YORK TIMES offers Rod Nordland's "Santa Arrested in Iraq? Social Media Says Yes, Police Say No:"

Various accounts widely shared in local social media during the weekend before Christmas had Papa Noel, as Christians in Iraq and Syria call him, being arrested by the Iraqi police, drafted into the Syrian army or going off to fight the Islamic State.
The reports grew so widespread that the police in Iraq, a country where sectarian divisions often lead to bloodshed, took pains to publicly deny them.

They can't report reality but they can waste 21 paragraphs on this fluff.

Meryl Streep praises THE NEW YORK TIMES.  Meryl Streep is an uneducated idiot who majored in drama.

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