Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Editorial: The US government continues to destroy Iraq

The situation in Iraq now is like that: The civilian are protesting against the government because of the miserable situation in Iraq, the government's answer is: - cutting of the internet service. - shutting down the electricity power in a lot of cities.

Iraq.  The 'liberated' country.

The country that US Senator Macho Duckworth wants credit for her contributions to.

She didn't contribute s**t.

She took part in an illegal war.

Since Rahm Emanuel helped her into Congress (first the House, now the Senate), she's done nothing to end the war.

That's because she's a War Hawk.  Senator Macho is the 21st century's answer to John McCain.

As he prepares for the grave, Satan hands out another pitchfork.

The US destroyed Iraq.

That's not in debate.

It was an illegal war.

That's also a fact.

The war continues and the US government backs Hayder al-Abadi who, when Iraqis began protesting ten days ago, made the decision to sick the military on them.

That's not democracy.

Senator Macho may not grasp that, but others should.

The US government doesn't care about democracy in Iraq.  That's why they backed Saddam Hussein for so many years.  It's why they back thug Nouri al-Maliki and why they now back Hayder al-Abadi.

The US-installed Iraqi government is attacking the Iraqi people.

This should alarm everyone.

Watch Senator Macho and her ilk try to distract from reality with more hysteria about Russia.

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