Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tom Arnold will always be useless

Tom Arnold's always been trash trying to ride Roseanne Barr's coat tails.

No one in the world would be stupid enough to trust him.

Well . . . no one except Bob Somerby, right?


We were glad to see Tom Arnold on Anderson Cooper last night. As someone who knew Roseanne for a few days back in 1986, and liked her a lot, we were glad to see him raise a point we've been thinking about:

Yes, Tom Arnold calls Roseanne "crazy" and Bob Somerby's tickled and thinks Tom Arnold's needed.

Only idiots like Bob Somerby and, well, the bottom feeders of bad talk shows (Lawrence O'Donnell) would rush to prop up Tom Arnold.

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    . gave Tom Arnold 20 minutes -- close to half his show -- to let a semi-coherent Arnold babble his way into painting himself as a key player in the Trump-Cohen saga. It's transparently BS, and an attempt to promote Arnold's Vice show.
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    Tom Arnold has already embarrassed CNN () and Cohen has shot down Arnold’s blowhard claims but our leading media luminaries are so attached to their Trump fixation that they jump at the chance to get in on the debasement. An embarrassment to journalism:

Roseanne told a dumb joke.  She apologized.  Tom Arnold's never accomplished anything on his own his entire life but, damn, don't a lot of men want to pretend otherwise?

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