Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Editorial: Do what your Aunt Maxie says?

She said people should harass (“absolutely harass”) Trump officials over immigration.
We agree with Maxine Waters.  But we don’t think she goes far enough.  We think everyone should harass Maxine Waters and her staff.  Remember, Maxine was the chair of the House’s Out of Iraq Caucus.   So let’s start harassing Aunty Maxie.  Let’s get her wig spinning.  Let’s call her fake ass out. 
The Iraq War continues  It’s time to hold all the politicians who promised to end it accountable.
And Maxine Waters says the way to do that is to “absolutely harass” them. 
Her office issued the following many years ago:

July 30, 2009
Press Release
On the one year anniversary of the founding of the 72 member "Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus, U. S. Representative Maxine Waters (CA-35), the Chair and one of the group's founding members today launched a campaign to tell the American public the truth about H. J. Res. 73, more commonly known as the "Murtha Plan" and to draw the public's attention to the Bush Administration's incompetent handling of the Iraq war.  The anniversary and the launch of the campaign have occurred during the heated debate on H. Res. 861, the divisive Republican resolution on the war in Iraq.    
"The Republican's plan is to "stay the course" in Iraq regardless the consequences," said Rep. Waters.  "In sharp contrast to their meandering, aimless policy the Murtha Resolution will provide finality.  It is the best plan in Congress.  It redeploys our troops out of Iraq on a timetable established by US military leaders while safeguarding our allies and our security in the Middle East.
Rep. Waters will be conducting extensive public outreach and talking directly to the American public to build support for the Murtha Resolution, which will prevent anymore US troops from being sent to Iraq.  It will allow US military leaders on the ground to determine when best to redeploy our men and women in uniform.  The resolution calls for a contingent of Marines to remain in the Middle East to respond to threats that destabilize our allies in the region or the national security of the United States.  Finally, it will supplant prolonged military intervention with good faith diplomatic outreach as the primary way to pursue security and stability in Iraq. 
Rep. Waters went on to say, "The only thing worse than the Republicans' plan to keep our troops in Iraq with no clearly established objectives or plan to achieve them is the fact that the Democratic leadership seems to have no plan at all.  It is time for members on both sides of the aisle to become focused, get a backbone, and to put the full weight of the House of Representatives behind the only comprehensive, realistic strategy that will clean up the debacle in Iraq and bring US troops home."
"Iraq has become synonymous with corruption, ineptness, inadequate planning, and duplicity on the part of the Administration and Congressional Republicans.  At this point, the continuation of this war is based on ego—not principle," Waters added.
During last night's floor debate on H. Res. 861, Rep. Waters challenged House Republicans on their intentional efforts to distort the truth by suggesting that the Murtha resolution would require the United States to "cut and run" In Iraq.  She rebutted their erroneous claims by enumerating the three basic principles in H. J. Res 73, the Murtha Resolution.   These actions are consistent with the "Out of Iraq" Caucus under her leadership, being the strongest, organized voice in the House of Representatives on the war in Iraq.  
The "Out of Iraq" Caucus was established on June 16, 2005 to bring to the House of Representatives an on-going debate about the war in Iraq and the Administration's justification for the decision to go to war, to urge the return of US service members to their families as soon as possible, and to provide a voice in Congress for the individuals and groups who support these efforts.
To accomplish its goals, the "Out of Iraq" Caucus will work with other Congressional Caucuses and national organizations to hold hearings, press conferences and town hall meetings to educate the American people and pressure the Administration to conclude the war in Iraq.
That same year, Maxine said on the floor of Congress, "We are sick and tired.  Enough is enough."

Maxine is correct: Enough is enough!  Other members still in Congress? Barbara Lee and Jerrold Nadler would be two more.

And let’s not forget that they’ve been replaced with a new committee Congressional Iraq Caucus.  The Out Of Iraq Caucus wasn’t invited to join this one.  It’s composed solely of Iraq War veterans.  Apparently, people like US House Rep Seth Moulton don’t believe Congress members who didn’t serve in Iraq are smart enough to “create a venue to discuss the United States’ posture toward Iraq.”  

The Iraq War continues.  When will Maxine live up to her word?  Maybe we have to force her to live up to her word?

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