Tuesday, May 29, 2018

SOLO goes flop

In his review, Stan noted "SOLO is so low" and, indeed, it is.

Suck up Tim Grierson noted SOLO was a flop and then offered five so-called reasons.  His ass kissing apparently kept him from noting reality.

May 11th, Kat asked "Will SOLO make Alden Ehrenreich a star?" before answering:

I don't see how.  He has zero acting talent -- the Warren Beatty movie RULES DON'T APPLY made that even more clear.

Even worse?  He's repugnant.  He looks like Danny Masterson -- the guy dropped from THE RANCH because of all the rape rumors.

His whole face is f**ked up.  That can't be fixed.  The most he can hope is that he can starve before every film and that will make him less repugnant.

But why would you hire anyone like that to be a leading man in the first place?

It's those kind of decisions that make people scratch their heads and ask, "Who did he sleep with?"

Alden Ehrenreich?  Even the name doesn't sound like a star name.  And Kat's right, he's not good looking.  Were he a woman, critics would be discussing his body and how the studio should have forgotten about an acting tutor and instead hired Alden a trainer to lose some of that body fat.

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