Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Go away, Chelsea

We would have to agree.

Further, we'd wonder why Chelsea Clinton can't shut the f**k up?

What has she accomplished in her life?


Though NBC paid her $600,000 a year, she couldn't do TV journalism.

What can she do?


In the past, First Daughters learned to focus on their parents' legacy and to be non-controversial.

For some reason, Chelsea wants to be controversial, a real little bitch, in fact.  One has to wonder why she doesn't shut up.  This is the woman who, when she was First Daughter, was protected by the press.  This is the woman who, in 2008, campaigned for her mother while refusing to give interviews or asking questions.  A grown woman who could be photographed and whose speech could be noted but couldn't answer a question -- because she was too stupid to speak.

She's made it clear in the last years just how stupid she is.

She needs to lay off Donald Trump.  Chelsea is a cheap little hustler, scoring cash on her parents' names and unable to offer any reason for anyone to be impressed with her own pathetic ass.

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