Monday, April 30, 2018

She's no movie star

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Who ever said Amy Schumer was a movie star?

She's now starred in three films.

Only one was a hit -- TRAINWRECK.  In that film, she co-starred with Bill Hader.  It made $30.1 million in its opening weekend (and $110 in the US overall).  Then came SNATCHED which made $19.5 million opening weekend ($49 million in the US overall).  And now it's I FEEL PRETTY which opened with $16 million.  See a pattern?

She's not a movie star.

She's not anything.

She was a basic cable loud mouth who was fawned over and treated like she was a movie star when she can't deliver.  As of right now, with her second weekend for I FEEL PRETTY, it still hasn't made back its basic budget of $32 million (it's at $29.6 million).

She's not a movie star.

She's not likable, she's not attractive and, point of fact, she's not funny.

A basic cable show on COMEDY CENTRAL was mistaken for success on a real network and we're all paying for that now.  At its height, it could pull in a million viewers.  By seasons three and four, it was more often pulling in a half-million viewers.  That's not a success.  That's not a star vehicle.

By the time she was starring in films, it was obvious she wasn't a TV star.  Now it's obvious she's not a movie star.

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